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A post that was written but never published…

This is the long awaited post about the newest member of the family. She really has a rags to riches tail.

She was living on the mean streets of Malabo and some how ended up being found by the maintenance crew at a local company. A friend of ours took her in and deloused her, but couldn’t keep her. I offered to take her temporarily because she was a tiny puppy. When she first arrived at her house she weighed two pounds and was probably four or five weeks old. She couldn’t walk up a step and she was just skin and bones. It was a complete surprise for us (She arrived at our house about four hours after we said we’d take her) so we were making her own dog food.

Fortunately, some fellow puppy owners took pity on us and gave us a bag of food until we could get some sent to us. Since then, she has grown leaps and bounds. She loves to chew, loves to run around in circles and do all of the fun things that puppies do. She’s completely freaked out by the guards and the pool guy. She’s brought a breath of fresh air to the house.

I like to think of her as Annie. In our version, Matt is Daddy Warbucks, who pretends he doesn’t like her, but secretly loves her. I’m the nice housekeeper who says she is just staying for Christmas, but secretly wants to keep her forever.

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  1. Monica Chamberlain says:

    Matt and Denise,

    Hi! Hope all is well. My stepdaughter, Corynn, is interested in the peacecorps and I have been trying to find your blogs so that she could see what it is about, but to no avail. Could you supply a link and/or your email address so that Corynn can get in touch?

    I always enjoy seeing your travels and am so happy that I was able to catch up with you two (and meet Denise) a few years back. Take care and if you ever need a place to stay in Fort Wayne, you know who to contact!



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